Phil Truman

#1 - After the cold-blooded murder of two lawmen, Deputy U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves, along with his colleagues, Deputy Heck Thomas and Posseman Jud Coldstone, pursue a ruthless Seminole “freedman” into the harsh country of the Wichita Mountains. Aided by a band of Cheyenne hunters, Reeves and his allies seek to bring the outlaw Pike Cudgo to justice    Buy Now

#2 - Freed Men - The young slave Bass Reeves is captured by a Yankee spy during the Civil War campaign in Arkansas at the Battle of Pea Ridge.He wanders into the encampment of the 2nd Cherokee Mounted Rifles of the Southern Army where he's pressed to stand and fight with them. Battling shoulder-to-shoulder with the Cherokee warriors, Bass’s life is forever changed in a way he never before imagined.   Buy Now

#3 - Runaway (coming soon)

#4 - Redemption Along the Red
       (Summer 2014)

#5 - The Getaway of Cross-Eyed
       Jack Dugan (Summer 2014)

#6 - West of the Dead Line
       (Summer 2014)
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Red Lands Outlaw - historical western

GAME - sports inspiration

Treasure Kills -
small town mystery

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Treasure Kills
- a tale set in a small Oklahoma t
own during the last decade. Although some of the characters from my first novel remain the same, that's where the tales diverge. The story takes on a life of mystery, adventure, and comic romance. It's a fun-filled read, which I think you will enjoy.

2013 Will Rogers Medallion Award   
In the last years of the tough and woolly land called Indian Territory, and the first of the new state of Oklahoma, the outlaw Henry Starr rides roughshod through the midst of it.

"A well-conceived yarn about one of the last of Oklahoma’s horseback-riding outlaws. A good read." -- Dusty Richards, Spur and Wrangler Award winning author

"A slice of Indian Territory history woven it into an interesting period novel.  Anyone who loves the history of the West will enjoy Red Lands Outlaw.” -- Tammy Hinton, winner of the Will Rogers Medallion Award

- set in rural Oklahoma during the 1970's where the story
centers on the intensity and weightiness of small-town high school football, and spins a tale of the human spirit struggling through adversity and finding victory. It speaks to what I l ike to call Heartland values.




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