A collection of fictionalized short stories about the exploits of one of the old West's most astounding lawmen: ex-slave and uneducated Deputy U.S. Marshall Bass Reeves who road the lawless land of the Indian Territory bringing in over 3,000 bad guys.

Award-winning historical novel about the life and times of the outlaw Henry Starr, who roamed the Indian Territory in the late 19th & early 20th Centuries. Henry robbed more banks than any other outlaw.

A coming-of-age sports inspirational set in the Heartland.

I'm Oklahoma writer Phil Truman. Glad you looked me up. While you're here, please take some time to see what I have to offer. I've written a few books that may interest you, all fiction. I lean toward Westerns, Oklahoma-centric Westerns, but I also dabble in mystery/adventure. There are brief descriptions below. Click on the covers for more info, or to buy a copy.

P h i l   T r u m a n

A rollicking mystery, adventure, romantic comedy set in a small town with a twist most unconventional.