P h i l   T r u m a n

V i s i t   m y   B l o g


Born in Oklahoma, I've spent most of my formative years in the state. After partying away my first year and a half of college, I spent a couple years in the Army back in the Vietnam days (I ended up in Korea). I then finished my degree in English from the University of Tulsa and worked on my Masters at the University of Texas at Arlington. I taught high school English and coached football for a few years, but saw no good outcome in that direction - much to the good fortune of future students - and decided to leave teaching to pursue a career in business. 
Since retiring from the corporate world in 2007 I've taken up freelance writing, jumped into the blogosphere here and there, and stumbled headlong into fiction, short and long. Making stuff up is much easier than doing research and being factual. 
In addition to those novels now published (Click Home), I have a couple projects in the works. One, is to write a series of short Western mystery novels, called the Jubal Smoak Narratives, Book 1 of which is nearly finished. Second, will be completing Book 2 of the Legends of Tsalagee mysteries, which is still in the planning stage.

My wife, Darlene, and I have lived in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma for going on 35 years. We've raised two unconvicted kids, and now have three mostly perfect grandchildren.